Our Services

Ivan Joshua’s Baskets [Within the U.S.A.]

Ivan Joshua, our son, was stillborn five days after his due date. He was a perfect baby boy – 6lbs. 8oz., 20in. long with no medical issues.  Unfortunately, we know the pain of losing a child, and we live with it every second of every day. We have created these baskets, named for our precious angel, to show our love and support to others walking this same dark path.

Each basket contains carefully chosen items to help parents navigate through the grief of losing a deeply loved child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. Ivan Joshua’s Baskets are assembled by loving hands of volunteers who know the pain of child loss. We exist to help parents whose entire world crashed down around them upon hearing the words “there is no heartbeat.” Baskets are only delivered within the United States of America.

Alex’s Remembrance Gifts [Outside the U.S.A.]

When we lost Alex, our first angel, it was due to an ectopic pregnancy that ended in emergency surgery at 7 weeks gestation. As grieving parents with no living children and two angels (one at 7 weeks and one at 40 weeks & 5 days), we feel we can relate to many of the parents we serve. In order to serve families around the globe, we send Alex’s Remembrance Gifts to anyone outside the United States.